What’s on 2017 – The new music production journey

August 10, 2018

Year 2017. I had been busy trying to create music on my own, arranging, composing, you know, the whole lot. I had learnt how to mix. I had even made a song just to try things out: “Hemat (Teorinya) Pangkal Kaya”. The mix quality is awful (sorry), but hey it was part of the learning process. Here it is if you want to have a listen:

This was just the start though. I evolved from there. Wrote some more songs, mixed them out, and mastered some, just to try things out. I was just so excited and could not wait to share them. But an EP would not be enough. I had to make an album, and if it were to be my last (due to my uncompromising age), it should be a proper full-length album with generous numbers of tracks. Plus, publishing an album with 5 tracks and 15 tracks will probably cost the same for a bedroom indie musician like me. I had thought about it really. About publishing a sizeable EP around 5 to 6 songs? But what would I get from that? I’m not an emerging artist, I’m not cool enough, and far from any hype. So any decision should be personal. And my personal taste prefers a full length album with even more tracks than Where I Belong.

The problem is of course if time, or free time to be exact, a luxury in my everyday life. I had no idea where the music is going to take me. For once I thought I was going to dig into electronic dance music beats. This is because late in the year, I had this one gig with Warman Nasution (of TOR) where we had a duo performance (I was on bass, he was on his guitar, both of us singing) playing tribute songs from Benyamin Sueb with an EDM music on the background. I was total fun, and I think everyone who were there quite enjoyed it. So for a time I thought, with 4 songs in my pocket, I was going to go that route for the remaining songs that is yet to be produced.

Siksa DUBur. An act featuring crafty guitar playing from Warman, some Vocoder vocals, plus dub and trap beats.

But no. After the gig, I just couldn’t find any time to start again. So 2018 was quite an unproductive year for my music. I did nothing. Well, apart from playing covers and learning songs I couldn’t play previously. Fun. But not productive.

2019 is bound to be different! I have 4 songs in my pocket. And I’m determined to finish my LAST album ! The last songs I will probably write and publish…