Well What Do You Know?

September 19, 2016

Okay just doing some fun facts.
Do you know?

1. Where I Belong & Animaloubi were meant to be the exact opposites

Yup. Where I Belong (WIB) had a dark (black) background, while Animaloubi had a white background. WIB had 13 songs, of which the single (Tanda-tanda) was placed at track #4. Talk about an attempt to defy bad luck. Animaloubi had only 9 songs, of which the single (Berkat Tuk Bertahan) was placed at track #7. In terms of songs, WIB had darker topics, heart-broken songs, with lower bpm. Animaloubi had more positive topics and higher bpm songs.

2. Ujung Sumatera was supposed to be a Rialto-type song

That’s one of the reasons why it has so many minor chords. It was initially thought to have a drum pattern like Rialto’s Monday Morning, using floor toms. However, due to the concept of Animaloubi’s album to move away as much as possible from WIB album, the song was recomposed altogether. We got the beat from Frank Ocean’s Lost (well, sort of), and we moved from there, including the addition of the dry synth in the middle of the song.

3. Ujung Sumatera and Mesin Waktu have the same note pattern within the song

Well, this one’s quite hard to notice. But yes they do have one same synth pattern, with the exact same notes being played. In Ujung Sumatera you’ll find it at 3.02 during the bridge part. In Mesin Waktu you’ll find it during the second verse when Raja Manahara sings at 1.39. Different bpm, but the same exact notes were played! And yes we did it in purpose! Ha!


okay wait for more! I’ll be back…

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