Apology Letter

September 24, 2014

We are sorry.

We are sorry for not being able to produce a much better quality of both music and sounds.

We are sorry for not being able to present you with our fully idealistic musical compositions.

We have gained so many knowledge throughout the making of this album, from song-writing processes, recording processes, mixing, and everything else. We realise that in life we will continue learning and continue to absorb ideas that we never realised existed.

Some ideas or knowledge may come late. Such as the knowledge we’ve gained on audio dynamics and peaks, which came at the late hours of this album’s mastering process. But being late is always better than having no idea on what is going on.

We have been astounded by the degrading audio quality of many modern music, and we have since been vocal in term of fighting the loudness phenomena of the modern music throughout the world. We have tried to revise our mastering results several times, and have managed to increase the dynamic range in our songs, but we realise that changes are best done in steps. There are a handful of music listeners out there who are yet to be made aware of this phenomena, with some already aware but chose to stay ignorant. Hopefully our campaign will be able to open the eyes of more music listeners, maybe not from our songs, but from other songs with much better qualities that are found in audio tracks from over a decade ago.

We are sorry that our audio waves probably still reach -8 dB at many occasions throughout this album.

Raygava et al. band


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