ANIMALOUBI, Which Team Are You?

September 24, 2014

Every animaloubi characters represent different characters. Which team are you?

Are you Team HIPPO? the mellow-dramatic hippopotamus, tough as steel from the outside, with a pinkish heart on the inside?


Are you Team MONKEY? The witty and foolish ape, who sees the world in laughter, cherishing the unbalanced world?


Are you Team BEE? The happy-go-lucky insect, who takes problems lightly and flies freely?


Are you Team TIGER? The rare and protected cat, who is wiser than most, carrying stripes of the past experiences?


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Apology Letter

September 24, 2014

We are sorry.

We are sorry for not being able to produce a much better quality of both music and sounds.

We are sorry for not being able to present you with our fully idealistic musical compositions.

We have gained so many knowledge throughout the making of this album, from song-writing processes, recording processes, mixing, and everything else. We realise that in life we will continue learning and continue to absorb ideas that we never realised existed.

Some ideas or knowledge may come late. Such as the knowledge we’ve gained on audio dynamics and peaks, which came at the late hours of this album’s mastering process. But being late is always better than having no idea on what is going on.

We have been astounded by the degrading audio quality of many modern music, and we have since been vocal in term of fighting the loudness phenomena of the modern music throughout the world. We have tried to revise our mastering results several times, and have managed to increase the dynamic range in our songs, but we realise that changes are best done in steps. There are a handful of music listeners out there who are yet to be made aware of this phenomena, with some already aware but chose to stay ignorant. Hopefully our campaign will be able to open the eyes of more music listeners, maybe not from our songs, but from other songs with much better qualities that are found in audio tracks from over a decade ago.

We are sorry that our audio waves probably still reach -8 dB at many occasions throughout this album.

Raygava et al. band


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ANIMALOUBI, a different set of tunes

September 24, 2014


Way before there was an idea to do another album, I had already written and composed most of Musikku and Fanatic of You. So to compile a new album that’s supposed to sound different from the first one, I had to dig into my old notes. Voicenotes. Ideas had always been recorded in voice notes of my mobile phone. I already had the sketches and partial lyrics of Berkat Tuk Bertahan and Aquarius, but the rest are sketches without lyrics.

I really wanted to part with influence from John Mayer or Dave Matthews Band, so I got rid of any compositions with acoustic guitar. If you’re looking for the sounds of acoustic guitar like the ones in Where I Belong, I can assure you that you’ll be disappointed. I remembered back in 2009 after Where I Belong was launched, I had the idea that if I am to do another album, it will be songs with country tunes. Thank you, John, for stealing the idea,…. again. So yeah, I guess now you know why I really want to part with any influence I may have unawarely obtained from him. I realized that Raygava et al had been playing tunes from Van Hunt and Mamas Gun whenever we did a cover. Musikku was written with Justin in my head (the Timberlake one, not the Bieber), and Fanatic of You’s composition was written with Lenny Kravitz and Corinne Bailey Rae in the shadow. So yeah, I thought it’s just appropriate if I try to go into that direction.

I had to shut my ears and listen to only tunes from Van Hunt, Corinne Bailey Rae, Twin Shadow, Frank Ocean, Mamas Gun, Alice Smith, and the likes. I know it’s gonna resulted in something different altogether. With so many influence lingering in my head, it’s hard to get a result that’s highly similar with the original intention. Haha. But the songwriting process for Animaloubi is just so much fun. A lot of new songs really excited me. Ideas came flying immediately and I just translated it directly to any tunes I had in my head.

The first time I had the idea for Fanatic of You, back in 2009, I did it with a Kings of Convenience style guitar. It ended up taking its composition from Lenny and Corinne.

Ujung Sumatera was originally intended for a Rialto-style music, it ended up getting a lot of its composition from Frank Ocean. I originally wanted Secret of Letting Go to have a lot of Frank Ocean in it, it ended up sounding a bit like Jamie Cullum in the intro. That’s the fun part of writing and composing a song. You’ll never know what you’re going to get. When I wrote the lyrics for Cinta & Komplikasi, I was in Bali, so communications with Simhala had to be done using voice notes that was exchanged in chat messages. When we finally met to do the sketch, we already agreed on the lyric for the chorus part. I know he would have a lot of Justin Timberlake in his voice, so I asked him to show it in the song. I don’t know if any listener would notice, but Mesin Waktu is actually a song about iPod (or any portable music player), a device that would zone you out of reality and into another world whenever a song from the past is playing.

I really hope you enjoy the tracks in Animaloubi, it is intended to be fresher than the first album. The stories in the songs are also more positive. That is why the background cover is white, as opposed to the dark background of Where I Belong. Where I Belong represented tough times, times of searching. A time when being mellow-dramatic could help survive those youthful problems. Where I Belong was about myself, but Animaloubi is more about the world. How to perceive it calmer and wiser.